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    Beet gains from putting soil first

    Early results from Norfolk trials show strip tillage combined with cover crops could help boost sugar beet margins. CPM takes a closer look.   Strip tillage offers a potentially attractive alternative to conventional plough-based sugar beet establishment systems, as the technique uses less energy and is potentially better for the environment and soil. To test […]


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Theory to Field – GINs provide shot in the arm.

The Genetic Improvement Networks have revolutionised plant breeding in the UK. CPM reports on the achievements of the GINs and how they will contribute to the varieties of the future. The traits being investigated are all to help improve crop resilience. By Lucy de la Pasture Growers are at the sharp end of crop production […]


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Last Word – The bell tolls for metaldehyde?

In the last few weeks new enhanced stewardship measures have been announced, that if successful may be the route for metaldehyde to gain the stamp of CRD approval on its overdue renewal. But is it a good news story? I’m not so sure. The reasons I’m a bit reticent about the introduction of a minimum […]

Layered approach puts growers in control

Arranging the vast array of data many growers have amassed into layers is how Omnia is claimed to bring better on-farm decision making. CPM reviews some of the tools that underpin the service. A system that allows growers and agronomists to analyse multiple layers of field data to pin down under-performing areas and inform management […]

Growers advised to crimp unevenly ripened cereals

Some spring cereals in parts of the UK are ripening so unevenly this year that many growers are expected to face problems with their harvest or storage. Farmers in this situation are faced with the option of waiting for the entire crop to reach the dry grain stage by which time harvest may be late, […]

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