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OSR disease control – Spot the difference

Phoma may have assumed a lesser importance lately but the disease hasn’t gone away. CPM discovers more about the phoma pathogens, particularly Leptosphaeria biglobosa where plant resistance isn’t a factor. L. biglobosa can dominate where an L. maculans resistant variety is used. By Lucy de la Pasture Over the past few seasons, light leaf spot […]


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On Farm Opinion – Tractors tuned to Slovakia’s soils

Just two Case IH Quadtracs are relied on to pull out the stubble across FirstFarms’ vast Eastern European arable concern. CPM gets an insight into Slovakian farming and sees the new CVT option in action. It really is that important we hit these soils at the correct time. By Rob Jones With a total of […]

Research – Research sheds new light on harvest prospects

Initial results from a couple of projects are head-turning enough, but the technologies on test may be where the real interest lies. CPM reports. What’ll be exciting is when we start to dig deeper into the genetic variation. By Tom Allen-Stevens   This year’s spring drought may have brought about a potential yield loss in […]

PCN – SPot the PCN

Last month AHDB Potatoes held an open afternoon at its Strategic potato farm (SPot) in Shrops. CPM finds out how researchers are working to help a commercial potato farm with a huge PCN problem. At the J3 juvenile stage, the nematode becomes either a male or female. By Lucy de la Pasture SPot farm West […]

Talking tilth – How robust is your plan?

If there’s one thing that haunts me, it’s that I’ll leave the land in a worse condition than I found it, and it’ll be blackgrass that’ll be the cause of my failure. It’s bad enough that I may be inflicting this on future generations of my own family. But now the Government seems to be […]

Poor spraying loses 80% pre-em efficacy

Keep the boom low, travel slow and apply pre-em herbicides with plenty of water, say Syngenta’s spray-application team. CPM catches up with research that shows the incredible difference it makes on blackgrass. By Tom Allen-Stevens Growers could be losing up to 80% efficacy of their pre-emergence blackgrass herbicides purely because they’ve been applied incorrectly. Research […]

Growers advised to crimp unevenly ripened cereals

Some spring cereals in parts of the UK are ripening so unevenly this year that many growers are expected to face problems with their harvest or storage. Farmers in this situation are faced with the option of waiting for the entire crop to reach the dry grain stage by which time harvest may be late, […]

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