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Hybrid wheat – A new dimension of genetic scrutiny

  One of Britain’s leading wheat breeders is pioneering the parent lines of Bayer’s UK hybrid wheat programme. CPM visits the plots for an insight into what’s in store. Hybrids are consistent performers, both in terms of yield and grain quality, but finding the right genetics is a massive task. By Tom Allen-Stevens Bill Angus […]

Markets – Brace yourself for Brexit.

With the date now set for Britain leaving the EU, arable farmers may be among the first to feel the effect it may have on markets. CPM assesses the likely impact. The UK could be facing currently unknown barriers to trade with the EU. By Tom Allen-Stevens Before you pick up the phone to your […]

Insiders View – There’s virtue in its vigour

  Noted for the way it springs out of the ground in autumn, Bayer’s latest oilseed rape offering will likely spring to the attention of many growers. CPM finds out more. I think InV1035 looks to be the next step up from Harper. By Melanie Jenkins Growers looking for a variety that’ll jump out of […]

Maize agronomy – Up, up and away

  Weed competition for light, moisture and nutrients can seriously reduce the maize crop’s yield potential from the outset. CPM finds out how to get the crop up and away. Get the seedbed right, then that’s the start to producing big yields of maize. By Lucy de la Pasture When Ian Grandfield says the power […]