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Blight control – To spray or not to spray?

For many it’s been a reatively low-pressure few months for blight. CPM looks at a new decision-support system that can provide guidance on spray intervals. We generally err on the side of caution when blight pressure is low. By Rob Jones Agrovista’s blight-monitoring service is finding favour with a North Yorks grower, who’s trialling the […]

Blight control – Rise of a new blight threat

It’s recently been confirmed that new blight strain 37_A2 is fluazinam-resistant. CPM looks at the implications on tuber blight control strategies. 37_A2­ has shown no insensitivity to other actives. By Lucy de la Pasture Last year, a new blight strain was detected in the UK – 37_A2 (Dark Green). It was found in five outbreaks […]

Sugar beet fungicides – Keep on top of rust

There has been an exceptionally early onset of rust in this year’s sugar beet crop. CPM gets some timely advice. A lot depends on the weather as to how this season unfolds. By Rob Jones According to BBRO lead scientist Dr Mark Stevens, rust (Uromyces betae) was first seen on 7 June, which is one […]

Potato agronomy – More than meets the eye

  Spotting problems in potato fields often happens late in the day. CPM learns how using an eye-in-the-sky is being used to improve crop monitoring and performance. Our role as agronomists will change. By Rob Jones Diseased potatoes are fickle. It’s not uncommon for small areas of infection to remain hidden until late into the […]

Potato desiccation – Burning question over diquat

Many growers are diquat-dependent at burn down. CPM gathers opinion from those looking at the alternatives. Based on diquat’s track record of five decades of safe use, concerns are unfounded. By Lucy de la Pasture A question-mark hangs over the future of diquat, though the truth is no one really knows what the regulators will […]

Research briefing – New weapon in the blight Crusade

Keeping late blight out of potato crops is a season-long campaign for growers. An innovation in anti-drift technology is proving to be a ‘knight in shining armour’ by boosting the effect of fungicides. CPM reveals more about this exciting discovery. Both strong and weak fungicide actives can have weak spots due to poor coverage. By […]