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Theory to Field – Putting some science into soils

In recent years there’s been a sea-change in attitude towards soil health, with many growers ditching the plough in favour of non-inversion cultivation techniques. CPM investigates the science. There’s a trade-off between inversion and non-inversion tillage. By Lucy de la Pasture The past decade has witnessed an ‘awakening’ when it comes to soils and soil […]

OSR agronomy – Playing the waiting game

Many OSR growers now adopt a wait-and see approach before forking out on herbicides. CPM takes a look at the earlier post-em broadleaf options. It’s essential to make the correct chemistry choices and apply them at the optimal time. By Lucy de la Pasture Not so long ago a pre-em oilseed rape herbicide was the […]

Slug control – Hitting the buffers

Metaldehyde users are faced with a 10m buffer zone requirement on all fields this autumn. CPM finds out how growers can protect their field margins. Ferric phosphate performed just as well as metaldehyde. By Lucy de la Pasture For the past nine years, the mainstay for slug control, metaldehyde, has been under the limelight because […]

Theory to Field – GINs provide shot in the arm.

The Genetic Improvement Networks have revolutionised plant breeding in the UK. CPM reports on the achievements of the GINs and how they will contribute to the varieties of the future. The traits being investigated are all to help improve crop resilience. By Lucy de la Pasture Growers are at the sharp end of crop production […]

Brome identification – Not all brome is the same.

Brome is an increasing problem on many farms, but do you know which species you’re dealing with? CPM gets some expert pointers on how to differentiate between the bromes and how to manage them. Post-harvest management strategy varies, depending on the species present. By Lucy de la Pasture Grassweed identification can be tricky but it’s […]