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One SDHI or two?

Spoilt for choice with new SDHI options? CPM finds out factors to consider when shaping strategies this season (part 1). By Lucy de la Pasture With fungicide programmes in full swing, the burning question for agronomists is should they be applying one SDHI or two in the course of the programme. The call from researchers […]

Only fools rush in?

As the first sightings of pollen beetle are confirmed in oilseed rape crops, leading industry experts are urging caution when deciding whether to treat. CPM finds out more. By Lucy de la Pasture Over the past two weeks, the first oilseed rape crop flowers have been popping up in the earliest of crops, with many […]

Rodent regulation tightens up

    Since October, all new stock of rodenticide products includes a ‘stewardship phrase’ on the label. CPM finds out what this means for on-farm rodent control. Rodent control may be unglamorous but it can be an essential part of everyday farming operations.   Failure to get it right can have implications for the health […]

Are you inclined to lime?

Growers have been urged not to neglect the pH status of their soils in a bid to cut costs. Early autumn is the ideal time for spreading lime and current dry conditions mean spreaders can travel with minimal damage to soils. Figures from the Professional Agricultural Analysis Group (PAAG) of routine soil analysis suggest the […]

BeeConnected – The new buzz

  Avoiding spraying pesticides when bees are being busy is something growers try their best to achieve. A new web-based system of communication between growers and beekeepers will now make this much easier. CPM finds out more about it. Farmers, in just a few clicks, are able to inform local beekeepers when they intend to […]