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Revealing hidden septoria

The difficulty with septoria has always been its latent phase but new technology is being trialled that may take the guesswork out of fungicide programmes. CPM reports.   By Lucy de la Pasture   Most growers have had the experience of looking at clean crops of winter wheat, only to find leaves riddled with septoria […]

Beet gains from putting soil first

Early results from Norfolk trials show strip tillage combined with cover crops could help boost sugar beet margins. CPM takes a closer look.   Strip tillage offers a potentially attractive alternative to conventional plough-based sugar beet establishment systems, as the technique uses less energy and is potentially better for the environment and soil. To test […]

Keeping quality in store

Blood, sweat and tears go into growing a quality crop but premiums can still go for a burton if storage goes awry. CPM gets advice on staying on top of pests. By Rob Jones The cost of grain rejection due to pest damage in store can reach £50/t – including loss of premium, according to […]

Life after Neonics?

With an EU proposal to widen the ban on neonicotinoids to include all non-flowering crops, the implications to growers could be severe. CPM takes a look at this looming issue, due to be debated in Brussels this month. By Rob Jones How would a world without neonicotinoids look? With the European Commission’s recent proposed ban […]

One SDHI or two?

Spoilt for choice with new SDHI options? CPM finds out factors to consider when shaping strategies this season (part 1 – see here for part 2). By Lucy de la Pasture With fungicide programmes in full swing, the burning question for agronomists is should they be applying one SDHI or two in the course of […]

Only fools rush in?

As the first sightings of pollen beetle are confirmed in oilseed rape crops, leading industry experts are urging caution when deciding whether to treat. CPM finds out more. By Lucy de la Pasture Over the past two weeks, the first oilseed rape crop flowers have been popping up in the earliest of crops, with many […]