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Beet gains from putting soil first

Early results from Norfolk trials show strip tillage combined with cover crops could help boost sugar beet margins. CPM takes a closer look.   Strip tillage offers a potentially attractive alternative to conventional plough-based sugar beet establishment systems, as the technique uses less energy and is potentially better for the environment and soil. To test […]

Precision agronomy – Map it and make use of it

  Whether knowledge on field variability is something you know from experience or is contained in vast amounts of historical data, it must be captured before it can be used to improve productivity. CPM seeks advice on how. If you put flat-rate inputs on to a variable field, you’ll get variable results By Tom Allen-Stevens […]

Companion cropping – Berseem clover improves soils

The past few years have seen huge developments in cover and companion cropping to help with weed control, soil improvement, nutrition and other holistic agronomic factors. Agrovista’s research and development has looked at how these types of crops can help in commercial situations to solve some of the issues             […]