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Talking tilth – How robust is your plan?

If there’s one thing that haunts me, it’s that I’ll leave the land in a worse condition than I found it, and it’ll be blackgrass that’ll be the cause of my failure. It’s bad enough that I may be inflicting this on future generations of my own family. But now the Government seems to be […]

Sugar beet weeds – Tips for beet newbies

Sugar beet has been adopted as a blackgrass solution by a Suffolk grower after a long absence from growing the crop. CPM asks guidance for newcomers from an established grower and agronomist. With sugar beet you’re not a grower, you’re a driller. By Lucy de la Pasture and Rob Jones Some 42 years after the […]

Blackgrass – Brampton goes west

A new trial site in Oxon puts soil at the forefront of the blackgrass battle. CPM went along to find out more. Blackgrass and wet soil go together, so you have to sort out drainage first. By Paul Spackman Soil structure must be the primary focus when tackling burgeoning blackgrass populations, say organisers of a […]

Innovation Insight – The remarkable power of the ‘wow’ effect

Atlantis is the UK’s most widely used in-crop herbicide of recent years, but good stewardship has always determined its performance. CPM tells the story of one of weed science’s most significant discoveries. Right from the word ‘go’, we knew we had a winner – this was the rat’s pyjamas. By Tom Allen-Stevens Can you remember […]