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Innovation Insight – Liquid logic has a way with weeds

When Dupont scientists finally created a formulation to partner fluroxypyr with sulfonylurea herbicides, it wasn’t just the spectrum of the one-can solution that was improved. CPM tells the story. The improved adjuvant properties of the oil dispersion formulation resulted in better weed control. By Tom Allen-Stevens Sulfonylurea herbicides have long been the mainstay of broadleaf […]

Zypar unveiled to UK growers by Dow AgroSciences

Dow AgroSciences has today unveiled a brand new cereal herbicide which will deliver UK growers unparalleled control of key broad-leaved weeds in both the autumn and spring. Zypar is a co-formulation of Dow’s longstanding active florasulam – used in Spitfire – and Arylex Active which was introduced to the market in Pixxaro EC last year. […]

Weed control – Broadleaf Busters

  Some of the chemistry’s old, some new but much needed solutions for some awkward broadleaf weeds are now available. CPM finds out about a new liquid SU, Provalia, and asks how to get the best out of last year’s newcomer, Pixxaro. Sulfonylureas can struggle to provide satisfactory control. By Lucy de la Pasture and […]

New product – Leading herbicide upstaged

        Hamlet is set to take the lead role against blackgrass in the autumn, and puts in a strong performance as a supporting player in highly resistant situations. CPM surveys the scene. The benefit is clear across the species. By Tom Allen-Stevens For growers who’ve suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous […]