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Last Word – Mighty oaks from acorns grow

Looking back on the content of this issue, there’s a theme running through the technical and roots sections. Small adjustments can make large differences when it comes to marketable yield and profitability. It’s all about that well used phrase ‘attention to detail’.   To this effect, YEN is a brilliant initiative. For a very modest […]

Last Word – Soil my undies

  Last month I represented CPM at the Crop Production in Southern Britain conference, held in Peterborough. Being of ‘a certain age’, many of the researchers I revere the most, whose work has shaped crop production over decades, were there. Peter Lutman, Jim Orson, Stephen Moss and one of my particular heroes Mike May, to […]

Last Word – A challenging year

    Perhaps it’s just a sign of getting older, but this year seems to have flown by and what a year it’s been! As we prepare to turn the page on 2016, there’s plenty to reflect on. It’s been a rollercoaster as far as the weather goes, with extremes of wet and dry. With […]

Last word – When the going gets tough…

Download article Every now and again a new buzz word emerges and the current one is resilience. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in – it’s being used all over the place. Arable farming needs resilience – there’s no doubt that times are tough at the moment, with commodity prices on the floor and […]

Lastword – Yellow rust, a mental challenge

Download article  Keeping up with the twists and turns in the yellow rust population has always been a bit of a mind bender. I came away from this year’s UKCPVS stakeholder meeting in Cambridge thinking that there are serious challenges ahead for us all, both in the field and in understanding the disease. Since the […]