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Smiths Soapbox – Serial Cereals

So another Cereals event comes and goes. I reckon I’ve been going for over 30 years now so to say the show is becoming a regular June event feels a bit like saying Christmas is becoming a fixture in the calendar.   You hear a few rumours about its future but it does seem to […]

Smith’s soapbox – The pit and the pendulum.

I’ll start with a dangerous confession for the pages of CPM. I’m only 75% of the arable farmer I used to be. Unfortunately, it’s not the waistline but rather it’s the cropped acres. I’m putting 73ha of land I’ve cropped every year of my farming life into a Countryside Stewardship scheme that will remain under […]

Soapbox – Pesticides, pushers and pyromania

A recent UN report about pesticide use will no doubt make sanguine reading for many arable farmers.   The report suggests most farmers could cut down on their pesticide use and what’s more, this would have no impact on yield. I’m sure most of us would be keen to know more because it makes good […]

Smiths soapbox – The hungry gap

The early months of the year can find me feeding the ‘hungry gap’. These are the months, we’re told by experts in all things ornithology, that birds are on shortest measures when it comes to things to forage on.   What’s more it’s the coldest part of the year when birds need extra calories especially […]

Soapbox – A Christmas Carol on the Farm.

As Ebeneezer Farmer snuggled down under the duvet on Christmas Eve, he had no idea of the disturbances the night was to bring. No sooner had he dropped off, he was awoken by a groaning apparition at the end of his bed. Rubbing his sleepy eyes, he faintly recognised the wizened ghoul that hovered over […]

Smith’s soapbox – The known unknowns

Download article   The usual form for farmer columnists is not to mention the weather because of the simple fact that in the time lag between the words being written and subsequently being read, you can’t be sure if things might change significantly. You can look a proper chump talking about ‘this worrying drought’ to […]

Smiths Soapbox – A tale from two cities.

The mid-winter machinery show now seems a firm fixture in the arable farming calendar. At first glance it seems a strange idea to pick a time of year when it’s too wet for field work and too cold to be kicking tyres and holding conversations outdoors. It’s notable that the German equivalent, Agritechnica in Hanover, […]

Smiths Soapbox – A tale from two cities.