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Talking tilth – How robust is your plan?

If there’s one thing that haunts me, it’s that I’ll leave the land in a worse condition than I found it, and it’ll be blackgrass that’ll be the cause of my failure. It’s bad enough that I may be inflicting this on future generations of my own family. But now the Government seems to be […]

Talking tilth – When will the EC grow up?

Any divorce is a messy affair. Decisions aren’t based on a rational and objective approach to the best way forward. It’s a process through which years of pent-up frustration are vented in a futile and pointless attempt to belittle the other side, and it’s usually those caught in the crossfire that suffer most. You would […]

Talking tilth – Letter to George Eustice

Dear George   I know we’ve had our differences. So I’d like to start with an apology.   I’m sorry if some of my criticisms of your actions as farming minister have come across as overbearing – I can see that while I may have disagreed with the stand you’ve taken on Europe and bemoaned […]

Talking Tilth – What’s a sin in farming?

I’ve been thinking quite a bit recently about crop husbandry skills – whether I’d be judged to be a fit farmer. What’s brought it into perspective is the huge variability of crops I seem to have in the fields this year.   At one end of the spectrum, there’s a crop of triticale for which […]

Talking tilth – How can Defra be so clueless?

There was a question put very succinctly to the UK’s farming ministers by Fiona Hanna, an arable farmer from Northern Ireland, and one of the Emerging Leaders attending the Oxford Farming Conference last month. “What would you say to encourage and reassure those of us early on in our farming career, when all of our […]

Talking Tilth – Time to Trump farming policy?

Here on my farm, we’ve started a policy review, under the banner ‘Make My Farm Great Again’. It’s prompted by the prospect that after 2020, there won’t be a nice cheque from the Rural Payments Agency, so it may be prudent to spend the next three years working towards that. We’ve realised that without that […]