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Weed control – Finding a competitive edge

Tailoring a strategy for blackgrass control to suit each field is fundamental to five strategies for five years. CPM looks at how you can use competition to your advantage. Varieties which are slow moving in early spring are less competitive with blackgrass. By Lucy de la Pasture When it comes to blackgrass control, every little […]

Weed control – The mafia of grassweeds

With all the attention on blackgrass, another troublesome grassweed has been quietly stealing its ‘bad boy’ reputation. CPM looks at how efforts to bring blackgrass back in line are being adapted to control the increasing problem of Italian ryegrass. Increasing amounts of ryegrass have been coming in from the field edges every year. By Lucy […]

OSR agronomy – A case of compromise

Weed control in oilseed rape was a hit-and-miss affair for many last season. CPM finds out how the new crop is faring and the prospects for keeping it clean. OSR shouldn’t be the weak link in the rotation as far as weed control goes. By Lucy de la Pasture Oilseed rape crops have got off […]

Prioritising out-of-crop weed control

  Effective control of problem weeds outside the growing crop is fast becoming an agronomic essential rather than the valuable ‘weather-permitting’ bonus it has primarily been to date. Indeed, with financial pressures as acute as they are today, in many cases it could be critical to the continued viability of winter cereal production. This is […]

Clear solution for weeds

Weedy crops could be affecting your rapeseed’s oil quality. CPM finds out more about the problem and a possible solution. “The lower levels of erucic acid contamination could be attributed to common weeds because of their own elevated erucic oil profiles.”By Lucy de la Pasture It’s fair to say that it hasn’t been a great […]