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Survey response brings a high flyer

Congratulations to farm manager Mark Turner from Skirlaugh in East Yorks, who’s the lucky winner of a state-of-the-art DJI Mavic pro drone for taking part in the CPM/BASF/Dekalb survey.


He responded to the survey and completed the tie-breaker question with the reply deemed best by the judging panel. “Excellent establishment along with excellent agronomic properties makes an excellent variety,” was his winning answer to the tiebreaker question “What, for you, makes a favourite OSR variety?” He’ll receive his prize from Monsanto and BASF at Cereals 2017.


The aim of the survey was to gather views on oilseed rape and where growers see it in the rotation. See the May issue for the full results with an analysis by an expert panel.To take part in the next survey, make sure we have the correct details for you by emailing