CPM is a controlled circulation technical journal, published ten times a year, and mailed free of charge to qualifying farmers, farm managers, agronomists and other qualifying industry professionals. CPM has the best reach and readership of any UK specialist arable technical journal*

*based on a survey by the National Farm Research Unit, conducted in 2014

• Is CPM landing on the right doormats?
By taking a closer look at CPM’s evolving readership profile, you can see that it mirrors the demographic changes which have taken place within the arable sector over the past decade.

• Why should I put my marketing spend into CPM?
Reader research proves CPM is read preferentially by large-scale arable farmers, farm managers and agronomists. So if you want to influence the key on-farm decision-makers, make CPM the first publication on your advertising schedule.

• Is there any flexibility in the rate card costs?
Volume discounts are always available on bulk space bookings.

• How about positioning of my advertising copy?
Wherever possible, advertisements will always be placed next to relevant editorial features – in print or online.

• Will the editorial: advertising ratio always be favourable?
CPM has a typical editorial: advertising ratio of 60/40 helping to make your advertising messages stand out.

• What about the reproduction quality?
CPM is printed using the very latest technology and the best quality paper. The results speak for themselves.

CPM – the leading provider of arable technical information.

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