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About us

Started in 1999, CPM (Crop Production Magazine) is now the leading specialist journal for UK arable farmers. It is a controlled circulation magazine and its readership includes farm managers, agronomists, machinery dealers and other arable supply industry professionals. On farm, the magazine is frequently passed on to the farm staff, and read by sprayer operators, tractor drivers, store managers, office staff and other key members of the team. It’s also distributed to agricultural universities and colleges, read by students and lecturing staff, as well as to research institutes, read by some of the leading agricultural researchers in their field.

But above all, CPM is read by UK farm business owners – the decision makers. The articles tend to be in-depth, analytical features that explore the issues behind a current problem or development. The CPM reader is the thinking arable farmer, who may have just 75ha of wheat or several thousand ha in a diverse cropping rotation, and business aspirations may be equally varied. So CPM doesn’t seek to prescribe solutions but inspire, stimulate and inform through editorial that’s interesting and enjoyable to read.

The best and most experienced agricultural technical and machinery journalists write for CPM, and many of them have received British Guild of Agricultural Journalist awards for the articles they’ve written that have appeared in the magazine. We work closely with companies that support CPM to gather inside knowledge on current technical issues that affect farmers and to find the expertise to address these. This is coordinated by a small but driven team, responsible for delivering the sharpest insight and most relevant information in the best format direct to readers.

Meet the team


Tom Allen-Stevens

Tom joined CPM as editor in Aug 2011 and has a 170ha arable farm near Faringdon, Oxon. On leaving Royal Agricultural College, he worked as a verifier for Assured Combinable Crops Scheme, before joining Crops as a technical writer in 1999. He became arable editor for FWi, then left to manage agricultural client accounts for Oxford-based PR company, Mistral.

More recently he was manager for LEAF’s Open Farm Sunday and is currently a director of the Oxford Farming Conference and of Farming in the Park, that aims to put on a major agricultural event in London.

He has won several Guild of Agricultural Journalists awards, including the Red Tractor Public Engagement Award (sponsored by Assured Food Standards, 2016), Arable Technical Writer of the Year (Yara, 2015 and 2001), Power on the Farm Award (Perkins, 2013), Innovation in Plant Breeding Award (BSPB, 2013) and Farm Business Writer of the Year (Merial, 2000).

Lucy de la Pasture

Lucy de la Pasture

Lucy joined CPM as Technical Editor in 2015 and brings her experience, both an agronomist and as a journalist to the magazine. After graduating from Wye College with a BSc in Agriculture, she worked for a local farmer in Kent and contractor helping with the potato harvest and spent a cold winter in the potato grading shed contemplating her prospects.

Before long Lucy was installed in the farm office to help with administration but escaped on a regular basis to walk crops with the farmer and his agronomist. A few years later she was living in Herefordshire and became BASIS qualified while working in the office of Technicrop in Ross-on-Wye. Lucy was then given the opportunity to work as an agronomist, looking after predominantly potatoes, sugar beet, cereals and vegetable crops.

While still working in her role as agronomist, she began writing for Crops magazine in 1997 and continued to do so on a regular basis for several years. After ‘retiring’ from the field, Lucy also worked as a PR account manager for Pinstone Communications and has freelanced for a number of journals including Farmers Weekly, CPM, Farm Business and Potato Review.

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