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On Farm Opinion – A step-up on spec

  When it came to replacing their self-propelled sprayer, bigger, better and rather familiar proved the only choice for a Warwicks family business. CPM reports. For us going with a RoGator again was the only choice. By Jane Brooks The Heath family have farmed on the heavy clay soils of Warwicks since 1944, trading as […]

Sprayers – Control comes down to the nozzle

With timing and application accuracy key to successful spraying, what can advances in sprayer and nozzle technology offer? CPM gets expert advice and summarises some options. Variable-rate liquid applications are going to take off. By Jane Brooks Independent applications specialist Tom Robinson is clear on where he thinks sprayer developments are heading. “Having been involved […]

On Farm Opinion – It’s all about the tilth

The past few years have seen a complete change of policy at Park Style Farm in Derbyshire as the plough has given way to strip-tillage. CPM reports. Over the years with the Claydon, the soil’s been getting easier and more open. By Jane Brooks It’s some years since the Holmes family ventured into strip-till territory, […]

Maize drills – Making the most of maize

Speed, accurate singling and precision placement are what today’s operators look for in a maize drill. CPM looks at some recent developments. Having a drill that achieves accurate placement and seed depth is important. By Jane Brooks A fundamental feature of maize is that the day you drill is the day you set the life […]