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Blight control – To spray or not to spray?

For many it’s been a reatively low-pressure few months for blight. CPM looks at a new decision-support system that can provide guidance on spray intervals. We generally err on the side of caution when blight pressure is low. By Rob Jones Agrovista’s blight-monitoring service is finding favour with a North Yorks grower, who’s trialling the […]

Blight control – Rise of a new blight threat

It’s recently been confirmed that new blight strain 37_A2 is fluazinam-resistant. CPM looks at the implications on tuber blight control strategies. 37_A2­ has shown no insensitivity to other actives. By Lucy de la Pasture Last year, a new blight strain was detected in the UK – 37_A2 (Dark Green). It was found in five outbreaks […]

Research briefing – New weapon in the blight Crusade

Keeping late blight out of potato crops is a season-long campaign for growers. An innovation in anti-drift technology is proving to be a ‘knight in shining armour’ by boosting the effect of fungicides. CPM reveals more about this exciting discovery. Both strong and weak fungicide actives can have weak spots due to poor coverage. By […]

Potato agronomy – Better the devil you know

With blight populations remaining stable, CPM asks a Herefordshire agronomist for his tips on a successful strategy against the disease. Remember that you need to be ahead of the disease. By Lucy de la Pasture and Rob Jones Early vigilance and planning is crucial for success, as blight population shifts have been responsible for the […]

Blight control – Fertiliser with benefits

  Can a fertiliser be a fungicide’s best friend? CPM gets the gen on a nutritional product which appears to bring benefits to the blight programme. It makes sense to use with blight fungicides to enhance the control of the disease. By Lucy de la Pasture It’s a question many growers and agronomists have been […]

Potato Agronomy – Criteria for blight evolves

  The Smith Period has been the lynch pin behind late blight programmes for the past 60 years but recently its reliability has been under question. The new benchmark for predicting blight outbreaks has been a long time coming but was at last unveiled at AHDB’s Agronomist Conference in December. The Smith Period was not […]