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OSR agronomy – Playing the waiting game

Many OSR growers now adopt a wait-and see approach before forking out on herbicides. CPM takes a look at the earlier post-em broadleaf options. It’s essential to make the correct chemistry choices and apply them at the optimal time. By Lucy de la Pasture Not so long ago a pre-em oilseed rape herbicide was the […]

Aiming for a clear advantage

The UK area of herbicide-tolerant Clearfield oilseed rape doubled to 30,000ha last year, with further increases predicted. CPM explores how to get the best from the system. Clearfield OSR is a brilliant tool in the armoury on difficult areas of the farm where weed pressure has got too high. By Paul Spackman New varieties and […]

Life after Neonics?

With an EU proposal to widen the ban on neonicotinoids to include all non-flowering crops, the implications to growers could be severe. CPM takes a look at this looming issue, due to be debated in Brussels this month. By Rob Jones How would a world without neonicotinoids look? With the European Commission’s recent proposed ban […]

Only fools rush in?

As the first sightings of pollen beetle are confirmed in oilseed rape crops, leading industry experts are urging caution when deciding whether to treat. CPM finds out more. By Lucy de la Pasture Over the past two weeks, the first oilseed rape crop flowers have been popping up in the earliest of crops, with many […]

OSR Agronomy – Happier days for OSR

Oilseed rape has been through some tough times of late. CPM finds out how the crop’s looking as we head towards spring. Make PGR decisions on a case-by-case basis. By Lucy de la Pasture What a difference a year makes. Growers who have kept the faith with oilseed rape look set to be rewarded for […]