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Tech Talk – Smart stubble strategies

Stubble management Growers looking to establish autumn cereal crops need to clean up weeds and volunteers in stubbles as quickly as possible. Volunteer oilseed rape can cause problems by shading emerging blackgrass and some broadleaf weeds are poorly controlled by conventional glyphosate formulations. A whole field uncontrolled isn’t a sign of glyphosate resistance. Getting on-top […]

Tech Talk – Nutrition for plant health

By Lucy de la Pasture A balanced supply of nutrients will lead to optimal plant growth and also optimal resistance to disease. When it comes to agronomy, the field of plant nutrition is a complex one, even though the principles on which it’s based are well established. In recent years, a more comprehensive approach to […]

Techtalk Targeted slug control

The potential threat to crop establishment this autumn from slugs is significant, as could be the risk to raw water supplies from metaldhyde use. Frontier is committed to supporting not only industry led initiatives but also developing novel integrated approaches to managing this damaging pest. Out-smarting the slug With summer conditions continuing to favour slug […]

Companion cropping – Berseem clover improves soils

The past few years have seen huge developments in cover and companion cropping to help with weed control, soil improvement, nutrition and other holistic agronomic factors. Agrovista’s research and development has looked at how these types of crops can help in commercial situations to solve some of the issues             […]

Techtalk – Exploitive and aggressive crop threat

Download article Potato blight is arguably arable farming’s most destructive plant disease – the only one to have ever caused widespread crop loss leading to famine in the British Isles, as it did during the Irish and Highland blight epidemics of the mid 1840s. It currently costs the industry around £55 million/yr to keep the […]

Techtalk – Sprayer wash-out

With the diversity of cropping changing on many arable units, the level of risk with some products could cause a slip-up on sprayer hygiene if the system’s under pressure. CPM seeks expert advice on potential problems. Not all ALS products pose the same risk. By Tom Allen-Stevens Good sprayer hygiene is largely taken for granted. […]