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Theory to Field – Putting some science into soils

In recent years there’s been a sea-change in attitude towards soil health, with many growers ditching the plough in favour of non-inversion cultivation techniques. CPM investigates the science. There’s a trade-off between inversion and non-inversion tillage. By Lucy de la Pasture The past decade has witnessed an ‘awakening’ when it comes to soils and soil […]

Theory to Field – GINs provide shot in the arm.

The Genetic Improvement Networks have revolutionised plant breeding in the UK. CPM reports on the achievements of the GINs and how they will contribute to the varieties of the future. The traits being investigated are all to help improve crop resilience. By Lucy de la Pasture Growers are at the sharp end of crop production […]

Theory to field – Out of sight, out of mind

The importance of soil-borne pathogens may be being underestimated in OSR crops. CPM finds out the very latest research findings and how these may eventually help growers achieve better yields. Soil-borne disease needs a more integrated approach. By Lucy de la Pasture Foliar disease often steals the limelight but soil-borne diseases in oilseed rape are […]

Theory to Field – Genes reveal their secrets

  Faced with a dwindling number of active ingredients and a steady rise in fungicide resistance, growers are relying on plant breeders to produce new varieties able to cope with these modern challenges. CPM gets the gen on the research that will help breeders achieve this. We’re providing breeders with signposts rather than precise directions. […]