As manufacturers across the globe gear up for next month’s Agritechnica, CPM previews some of the latest kit set to be launched in Hannover 10-16 November.

Claas, 365FarmNet and John Deere have created for the first time a direct, manufacturer-independent cloud-to-cloud solution.

By Charlotte Cunningham

Over 450,000 visitors and more than 2,750 exhibitors are anticipated to arrive in Hannover next month for the coveted Agritechnica event.

To whet your appetite ahead of the event, here’s a taste of what visitors can expect to see.


Horsch has announced a number of new products that will be launched at this year’s Agritechnica, including additions to its fleet of self-propelled sprayers.

The new self-propelled Horsch Leeb PT sprayers have been developed to offer increased flexibility, comfort and precision.

Two new machines are set to make their debut — the Leeb 6.300 PT and 8.300 PT. According to Horsch, the latest launches have been developed to offer increased flexibility, comfort and precise application.

Available in two tank sizes — 6000 litre and 8000 litre — the Leeb sprayers now come with Horsch’s patented boom-control system, and available in boom widths up to 42m and up to 42 sections.

Both versions are equipped with the continuous inside cleaning system CCS Pro — with automatic washing program — and can be operated easily from the cabin, while the stainless-steel rotary pump is claimed to provide a filling capacity of 1000 litres per minute.

John Deere

John Deere is also set to showcase its latest self-propelled sprayers, with the new R4140i, 4000-litre and R4150i, 5000 litre machines expected to be on display.

The focus of the latest developments has been on improving sprayer output while ensuring that the optimum application quality is maintained and also delivering an improved operator environment, says the firm.

Both models are available with steel booms from 24 to 36m wide, and continue to use John Deere’s leading PowrSpray solution system, with direct rate control for fast filling and highly accurate application rates. Combined with the automated AirRinse system, this is claimed to reduce the solution system’s dead volume to as low as five litres for maximum cleaning performance.

Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson is set to extend its harvest range with the addition of new front-mounted mowers and trailed tedders which will be revealed in Hannover next month.

The firm’s latest equipment is set to include:

  • MF DM FQ mower range offering new 3.12m and 3.62m front-mounted models, with novel ‘pulling’ linkage, TurboLift suspension and the option of roller or tine conditioner versions.
  • New MF TD X mounted and trailed 7.7m, 10.2 and 12.50m wide tedders. Inspired by the well-known Lotus design, which are said to offer fast, economic and gentle operation.
  • Ten rotors, MF TD 1110 DN tedder, with a 10.7m working width now heads the Massey Ferguson mounted tedder range.


Set for its debut is an all-new heavy duty, wide-tined harrow, from Väderstad.

The firm believe the NZ Extreme 1250-1425 sets a new standard for field performance when it comes down to seedbed preparation. So what makes it so special?

Design focus has been largely on the tines of the new heavy-duty harrow. An intense vibrating tine action combined with stiffness and durability is said to be capable of crushing clods, while maintaining an exact depth and completely level field.

To ensure exact field contour following and to be able to adapt to field surface and maintain depth, the NZ Extreme is built from a five section frame. This is enhanced by a weight transfer wheel setup and heavy machine design.

For use on the record-holding high-speed planter, Tempo L drill, Väderstad have also announced the launch of a new central fill function which will be available on the market from 2021 and shown for the first time at this year’s event.

The central-fill feature works as a pressurised system, constantly feeding the seed meters, explains the firm. “With 12-24 row unit versions –Tempo L 12; Tempo L 16; Tempo L 18 and Tempo L 24 – the central-fill functionality means that instead of filling seed in each of the row units, the operator will only have to fill one large central 3000-litre seed hopper.”


Taking centre stage on the Pöttinger stand will be the new Terrasem Fertiliser Pro mulch drill.

According to the firm it has boosted the functionality of traditional mulch seed drills and has incorporated developments in direct fertilisation within the new design.

This new system is available for all mulch seed drills with working widths between 3 and 9 metres. Both the rigid Terrasem R3 and R4 models — as well as the folding Terrasem C4, C6, C8 and C9 — are available as Fertiliser Pro versions with a row spacing of 12.5 and 16.7cm.

The Pro version allows coulter pressures of at least 180kg, has a larger disc diameter of 410mm and additional shear bolts on each coulter arm. In addition, hydraulic depth adjustment is standard.

The direct fertilisation system enables fertiliser to be applied at the same time as drilling using the Fertiliser Pro coulter, meaning optimum growth conditions are created during germination and help boost overall yield, says the firm.


While much of the technical detail remains under wraps until the event itself, CPM can reveal that Claas will be unveiling the latest addition to its telescopic handler range, and are set to debut three new tractors.

As well as this, the new Jaguar 800 and 900 ranges of forage harvesters will be on show, and visitors will also get the chance to see the latest 4.5m Orbis maize header.

Claas is also set to be presented with three silver medals as part of the Innovation Awards at the event, for the new threshing unit in the Lexion straw walker models and Cemos Auto Chopping for automatic adjustment of the straw chopper, as well as the Cemos Auto Performance which controls the engine power and travel speed of the Jaguar forage harvester.


New from Claydon is the 6m Hybrid T6c compact trailed drill, set for its debut next month. At over 20% lighter and more compact than Claydon’s Hybrid T6 model, the T6c combines the high output of a 6m seeding platform with the handling characteristics and manoeuvrability of the 4m T4 trailed design on which it is based.

Capable of drilling typically 45ha per day behind a 300hp tractor, it is designed to appeal to farmers who prioritise lower cost and greater manoeuvrability over ultimate hopper capacity and output, says the firm.

Carried on the lower link arms, the T6c features a fully floating seeding chassis which follows field contours exactly, ensuring accurate seeding depth under all conditions. According to Claydon, it does this regardless of the weight in the hopper, which is carried on a separate frame supported on centrally mounted depth wheels that run on clean, dry, uncultivated ground to avoid capping and compaction.

New Holland

For New Holland, the focus will be on its new T8 Genesis tractor, as well as updates to its combine harvesters — in particular, the CX range.

The CX7 and CX8 range features New Holland’s four-drum threshing system with a 750 mm drum diameter, which threshes gently and thoroughly, preserving high straw quality, according to the firm.

As well as this, there’s a promise of further enhanced threshing performance with the new, optional staggered drum, which features offset rasp bars on the sectional drum, which is suitable for small grains and can be configured for maize.

According to New Holland, the Ultra-Flow staggered drum design achieves a smoother crop flow that results in lower in-cab noise and reduces blockages and uses 16% less total threshing power, reducing fuel consumption. As a result, capacity is increased, which in some situations is claimed to be as much as 10% higher.


Amazone is set to debut an astonishing 30 new bits of kit and apps for the control of existing machines at this year’s Agritechnica.

Some of the key launches to note include an expansion to the range of UF 02 mounted sprayers. Now available in 1600 and 2000-litre tank capacities, the range of specification for the new UF02 mounted sprayer range has now been extended to include the cheaper options of tractor spool-valve-controlled boom-fold, manual-control valve operation for filling and mixing and the option of AmaSpray+ in-cab spray rate terminal for speed-dependent application-rate control for non-ISOBUS applications.

On the drilling front, Agritechnica will see the introduction of the new FTender 1600 and 2200-litre front tank with the optional steering tyre packer.

The FTender can be used in conjunction with the new Avant 02 front tank seed drill combination, or in combination with a Centaya drill combi as a fertiliser distribution tank. It can also pair with a soil tillage tool for under-sowing base fertilisers ahead of drilling or sowing cover crops during cultivations.

Data solutions

In partnership with Claas and 365FarmNet, John Deere is set to give visitors a first look at its brand new independent cloud solution — DataConnect. Up to now, farmers and contractors with a mixed machinery fleet can only record, process and document their data using the respective equipment and web portals of the individual manufacturers.

However, with DataConnect, Claas, 365FarmNet and John Deere have created for the first time a direct, manufacturer-independent cloud-to-cloud solution. In a similar way to ISOBUS, customers will now be able to exchange their data via a common interface as well as control and monitor their entire machinery fleet using their favourite system.

With DataConnect, users can choose their preferred data platform from a specific manufacturer while also being able to transmit data from other machines via the new interface. This means that the data is still available in the John Deere Operations Centre, Claas Telematics or 365FarmNet portals, but can be exchanged in real time from one cloud to the other. The key benefit to the user is that all the necessary machine configurations are available in one system.