What does it take to be successful in mechanical weed control? Whether it’s shallow or deep stubble cultivation, optimal soil preparation is paramount. CPM finds out more…

With a drive to reduce pesticide applications and minimise synthetic inputs, stubble tillage is experiencing a resurgence as an option for weed control.

According to Lemken’s Paul Creasy, the Karat 10 three row cultivator promises to deliver efficiency even at first glance. With tines arranged symmetrically around the towing axle, the machine is low draught while ensuring intensive mixing.

Paul shares his top five features of the Karat 10…

Shallow to deep in no time

“The Karat 10 offers full surface cutting during the first flat stubble cultivation and a speedy tool change ensures an optimum working result from the first pass,” says Paul.

“For working depths less than 5cm, the cultivator can be equipped with DeltaCut shares. For deeper tillage, share points are available in different widths including narrow options.”

In addition, a quick-change system ensures tools can be easily changed to match operator requirements, which Paul says involves a lynch pin to help simplify the procedure.

Optimal levelling across entire working width

Boundary discs or side shields ensure optimal levelling along the outer cultivator edges which Paul says supports precise pass alignment. The boundary discs can be folded up mechanically or hydraulically, and adjustable levelling elements behind the tine section ensure an even result.

Blockage-free in all conditions

“Large bar spacings and underframe clearance guarantee blockage-free work even with large volumes of organic matter,” says Paul. “The Karat 10 can be optionally fitted with a leading disc section which then improves the incorporation of organic matter into the soil.”

As the discs have a 520mm diameter and are individually suspended on leaf springs, they chop organic matter and break up coarse soil clumps to enable the cultivator to mix soil intensively and work without blockages. The discs hydraulically adjust to the desired working depth from the tractor seat.

Prepared for any job

“The correct trailing implement can be selected from the extensive roller range to provide reconsolidation and achieve an optimum crumbling effect,” says Paul.

In addition, a single-row harrow creates optimal germination conditions for volunteer cereals and weed seeds, and removes soil from roots.

Accessories to support flexible working

Drawbars are available in a range of types and lengths, with different coupling points to allow the machine to be used with all tractors, even with maximum tyre width.

“For optimal traction transmission, the cultivator can also be equipped with a hydraulic traction booster. This ‘smart ballasting’ system reduces slip and therefore saves fuel,” says Paul.

Whereas for those tackling hilly terrain, Paul recommends the ContourTrack equipment option. “With this system, a pivot point in the frame behind the working section plus another hydraulic cylinder prevent the machine from working too shallow in depressions and too deep on hills.”

For more information visit YouTube or the Lemken website.