AHDB is looking for an ambitious arable farm or enterprise to host the next AHDB Strategic Cereal Farm. Charlotte Cunningham reports.

Strategic Cereal Farms test cutting-edge research and innovations, funded by AHDB and others, hosting a structured combination of short and long-term field and farm-scale demonstrations.

AHDB has three Strategic Cereal Farms located near Stowmarket, Leamington Spa and Fife.

The new Strategic Cereal Farm will be located either in the North or South of England, in one of the following counties: Yorks, Lancs, Dorset, Gloucs, Wilts, Hamps or Oxon.

Brian Barker, Strategic Cereal Farm East host, said: “To host an AHDB Strategic Cereal Farm is a fantastic opportunity to push your farming system to new limits. You will be supported by AHDB knowledge exchange, as well as the extended research community and supporting organisations, to challenge your approach and try new ideas to overcome challenges such as meeting net-zero, ELMs and producing more by applying less.

“It is amazing how many positive thinkers, different scientific minds and industry leaders come up your farm drive. It’s an opportunity not to be missed.”

Key research findings

Strategic Cereal Farm hosts share technical and financial performance with other farmers in order to view, interpret and consider innovative technologies and key research findings that have the potential to be integrated across the industry.

Richard Meredith, AHDB head of arable knowledge exchange, said: “There is very little doubt that we are facing a period of unprecedented change for our industry. There will be challenges ahead and this is a time for growers to strive for excellence. We are continually proud about the impact that AHDB Strategic Cereal Farms have had to help growers to achieve this.

“Hosting a Strategic Cereal Farm is a very exciting opportunity which allows you to look at best practice and innovation on your own farm environment.

“As a Strategic Cereal Farm host you’ll have the opportunity to advance your business and personal development, as well as share your own knowledge and experience.”

Strategic Cereal Farms run for six years and usually host one or two on-farm meetings a year.  They take part in communications activities throughout the year, sharing the development of their on-farm demonstrations

For more information or to apply, visit: https://ahdb.org.uk/farm-excellence/recruitment