BASF has launched a new digital portal, offering UK farmers an interactive rodent control training programme.

The Real Results Virtual Farm CPD portal, which has been developed in partnership with experienced industry instructor, Oliver Madge, guides users through nine modules exploring different areas of rodent control, before completing the CRRU-recognised exam for the Safe Use of Rodenticides certificate.

The course aims to increase good stewardship and best practice of rodenticide usage, reduce pest-risk on farms and minimise environmental impact, while offering farmers CPD points, which are required for ongoing rodenticide purchases.

The launch of the portal comes after a recent survey launched by BASF, which explored rodent activity and rodenticide usage on UK farms, found that three quarters of respondents felt that they could do more to improve rodent control on their farm.

Interactive content

Modules include reasons for control; CRRU and environmental; habitat management; rodent biology; monitoring pest activity; non-chemical control; chemical control; long term integrated pest management; and reporting.

Designed to be engaging, insightful and interesting, it features a combination of video, literature, and webinar content, and will enable individuals taking the course to be able to work through each section at their own pace.

Users can also register to take the BASIS online exam, which is the ongoing stewardship requirement for those looking to purchase larger quantities of rodenticides.

Candidates will also cover the correct usage of BASF’s new rodenticide, Selontra, as part of the bespoke course, as well as receiving a certificate to demonstrate understanding of its use.

Active prevention

The creation of the Real Results Virtual Farm comes as part of BASF’s continued dedication to pest control in rural environments, working to highlight the importance of effective pest management and encourage farmers to actively prevent infestations before the need for rodenticide bait arises.

Helen Hall, BASF pest control specialist, said: “The launch of the Real Results Farm digital training course will allow farmers to achieve the certification required to effectively control rodents and use rodenticide safely on their farms.

“It’s clear that farmers want to learn more about safe rodenticide usage and control rats on their farms while reducing the environmental impact, so we hope that this new platform will enable many to gain more knowledge and understanding of rodent control. It also means farmers in more isolated rural environments can access the course without the need to travel, and farmers across the country can jump online to complete a short session in between their busy daily routines.

“BASF is also working with Oliver in delivering our face-to-face training programme and our aim is to train and accredit thousands of farmers this year, with plans to offer ongoing CPD events and support thereafter.”

Visit BASF’s Real Results Virtual Farm and begin the course at

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