Field bean growers can now use the new Syngenta fungicide, Elatus Era, for the control of rust and chocolate spot infections for the rest of this season. Charlotte Cunningham reports.

According to Syngenta, the approval is timely with PGRO reporting the high treat of rust for spring beans awaiting fungicide applications. Cool, wet conditions also increase the risk of chocolate spot.

Existing stocks of Elatus Era on farms and in distribution stores, for cereal treatments, can also now be used on field bean and combining pea crops.

The approval permits one application per season at a rate of 0.66 l/ha in field beans and combining peas. Treatment is permitted up to 20% of pods having reached typical length (GS72).

“Research indicates the active is most effective as a preventative application, to target disease before it gets into the leaf or becomes established in the plant,” said Syngenta technical manager, Michael Tait. “Particularly with rust that can develop so quickly.”

For field beans, trials have shown Elatus Era is best used in a two-spray programme, he advised.

PGRO chief executive, Roger Vickers, added: “The decision to allow farmers to apply Elatus Era to field beans immediately will be welcome news to growers.

“Chemistry which protects the crop from Chocolate Spot and rusts are limited in number, but are essential to maximising yield potential.

“Throughout trials conducted by the PGRO, Elatus Era has proven very effective against these diseases and we are pleased to see a new option being made available to growers in time for applications this season.”