Farmers are invited to a free farm walk in Norfolk to discuss how to make miscanthus work amid unpredictable weather.

Delegates will discover resilient cropping solutions tailored to the UK’s increasingly erratic climate, showcasing the crop’s capacity to thrive even on flooded land.

This event will take place on 15 May at Bill and Tom Lewis’ farm in Kings Lynn, west Norfolk, followed by a tour of Snetterton Biomass Power Plant.

Miscanthus benefits

Hosted by miscanthus specialist Terravesta alongside NIAB and the AF Group, visitors will learn about growing, harvesting and supplying miscanthus whole bales to Snetterton Power Plant. Additionally, discussions will focus on the carbon sequestration capabilities of miscanthus and alternative crops, and the importance of co-ops for UK agriculture.

Bill and Tom grow around 30ha of miscanthus and believe it’s a lucrative cropping option with a sustainable future. “The price for miscanthus increases every year, as has our yield, and Snetterton power station has a long-term commitment to using the fuel.

“We’re arable and sheep farmers, and miscanthus is a secure buffer for the farm when cereal prices continue to be volatile, and weather becomes increasingly unpredictable,” says Bill.

Long-term commitment

Terravesta has a long-term contract to ramp up supply to 25,000 tonnes annually into Snetterton Power Plant, says Terravesta managing director, Florian Ilias. “We also have a long-term contract to supply Brigg Renewable Energy Power Plant in Lincolnshire.

“Farmers attending this event will have 10% off the cost for spring 2025 Terravesta Athena planting.”

Event details

Date and time: Wednesday 15 May 09:30 – approximately 16:00

Address: Abbey Farm, East Walton, Kings Lynn.

Bookings: register free online