A free membership network for farmers to discover and connect on topics that focus on enhancing the profitability and sustainability of agriculture has been launched by Agri-EPI Centre.

The organisation says it identified that there’s a need to bridge the gap between academia, research, technology development and the farming community to support technological adoption on-farm, which has been the driver behind the launch of the ‘Farm Tech Circle’.

“From a recent farmer-led survey conducted by Agri-EPI Centre, 78% of those questioned believe reducing greenhouse gas emissions was important to their business,” says Trish Toop, Agri-EPI Centre. “However, only 35% have confidence that technology will help them reach net zero.

“These results highlight the disconnect between those creating technology and those that are using it to support the sustainability of their business. This is where being part of Farm Tech Circle will help.”


Agri-EPI Centre has worked in collaboration with farmers, growers and producers since its conception. “We have a network of 25 Satellite Farms which are commercial farms we engage with to trial and validate innovative technologies,” adds Trish.

“Farm Tech Circle is an extension of our current engagement with farmers. It’s an inclusive membership for any farmer looking to enhance the sustainability of their farm business through knowledge exchange and the support of technology.”

Membership benefits

As part of the free membership, farmers will be able to connect, learn and engage through access to the following benefits:

  • Priority registration for Agri-EPI Centre hosted events
  • Engagement with our technical team
  • Quarterly newsletters featuring information and articles on technology, systems or processes to help support business decisions
  • Member networking opportunities

Those wishing to find out more about Farm Tech Circle and/or join are encouraged to visit: https://agri-epicentre.com/membership/farm-tech-circle/