CPM finds out more about a reward for the next generation of agriculture professionals.

Gemini Agriculture, a UK based agrochemical manufacturing and marketing company are encouraging agronomy students to submit their final year project dissertations by 5 June 2018 for the chance to win a £350 cash prize. Despite being in business for just three years, Gemini Agriculture has recognised the importance of building communication links between students and manufacturers and hope to inspire students studying agronomy-related degrees to consider the breadth of opportunities available to them within UK agriculture.

James Kennedy, co-founder and Commercial Director for Gemini Agriculture explained Gemini’s rationale for launching the award; “We decided to launch this award as a way of engaging the next generation of professionals joining the industry. We’d like them to view their final year projects as more than just a necessary part of their studies. Many students are engaged in projects that may go on to have a real impact on UK agriculture. This is an opportunity to share and celebrate their efforts”.

James added “When I left university, apart from being an agronomist, I was unaware of all the other associated career paths. My own experience over the past 17 years has given me a fantastic insight in to the range of rolls that the chemical manufacturing sector has to offer. Many providing lifelong careers and opportunities within the UK that can open doors to European and global positions if desired. Early, positive exposure to the manufacturing side of the agrochemical sector has the potential to support future collaboration and we’re delighted to be engaging with students in this way”.

James Clovis, Managing Director of Gemini Agriculture explained that the award is just the start of Gemini’s ambitions to link more closely with agriculture students in the future; “the last three years have been extremely exciting and challenging for us but we’re immensely proud of what we have achieved so far with Gemini. This is our inaugural award for students, we hope it will be a platform upon which we can continue to build strong links with agricultural colleges and universities over the coming years.”