Registration has been granted in Great Britain for a new herbicide product – Isoflex active.

Isoflex active (bixlozone), from FMC, is a novel herbicide classified by the Herbicide Resistance Action Committee (HRAC) as a Group 13 herbicide.

“FMC is committed to discovering and developing innovative solutions that help growers to protect their crops and optimise yields,” says John Hutton, FMC Northern Europe business director.

“During the past three years, Isoflex active has been tested and trialed extensively with growers, distributors and industry bodies on key crops across Great Britain. It’s demonstrated an ability to be a significant component of an integrated weed management programme and is expected to help growers manage herbicide resistance,” he adds.

The new active has exhibited pre-plant, pre-emergence and early post-emergence selectivity in major crops across the globe, including cereals, potatoes, oilseed rape and pulses.

Research findings

Studies suggest that products powered by Isoflex active offer effective control of challenging annual grassweeds and key broadleaf weeds; research on the use of the active in additional crops and segments in Great Britain is ongoing.

According to FMC, the product demonstrates the strength of the company’s robust pipeline and is a testament to the firm’s ability to translate grower challenges into solutions that’ll enhance the productivity and resilience of crops.

The registration in Great Britain marks another significant regulatory approval for FMC and Isoflex active, which is currently registered in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China and India, concludes John.