Syngenta has launched a new, online support tool to help growers with fungicide decisions in winter wheat and in winter and spring barley. Charlotte Cunningham reports.

Available at, the interactive tool takes into account factors such as variety resistance, whether the main target disease is yellow rust or septoria in wheat – or net blotch, rhynchosporium or brown rust in barley – as well as whether disease is anticipated or already present.

“This information is used to help users narrow down options among different types of fungicide active ingredient,” says Syngenta disease expert, David Ranner. “Usefully, with yellow rust a heightened concern for this year, the tool will help users to identify the optimum spray timing to apply the fungicide Elatus Era.”

With the loss of chlorothalonil similarly a concern, the decision support tool also provides information on when to consider the alternative multi-site fungicide, folpet, adds David.

“Other information included in the support tool includes the use of mildewicides and the targeting of ramularia in barley. With disease pressures prone to fluctuations, the tool will be updated as the season unfolds, so users should check it regularly.”