Agricultural software specialists, Farmplan, has launched Gatekeeper Go; a new field recording app which is claimed to give farmers the freedom and flexibility to view and manage jobs and record work as it’s done. Charlotte Cunningham reports.

Gatekeeper Go works as a companion to Gatekeeper’s cloud-based functionality, allowing customers to access their Gatekeeper Jobs from anywhere on the go, using their existing login credentials.

The app, available from both the App store for Apple devices and the Play Store for Android devices, gives users the flexibility to work both on and offline from any location, and is available free of charge to all of Farmplan’s Gatekeeper Cloud customers.

Users only require an internet connection when exchanging data with the cloud, but all work can be done offline. “Carrying out a job in the field without signal? No problem. As soon as an internet connection is established, Gatekeeper Go will connect and exchange data again; seamlessly updating all Job and Field records,” says the firm.

Work smarter, not harder

Gatekeeper Go can be used to capture important data in the field and without interrupting your working day, including data such as actual product quantities used, the date and time that the work was completed in the field and the observed weather conditions.

Sarah Alexander, arable commercial product Manager at Farmplan, says; “Gatekeeper Go ensures more accurate communication between the farm and the office. It also puts an end to paper worksheets, saving users a considerable amount of time.

“The offline functionality will give farmers the support they need to work smarter, not harder, without disrupting their work.”