Grassland specialists, Pöttinger, has launched a new app to help simplify and optimise logistics while forage harvesting.

According to the firm, the app – Harvest Assist – does so by taking into account harvesting volumes, the distance between the field and the clamp, and optimising compaction performance in the clamp to achieve the best quality forage.

In addition, the app enables real-time communication using existing hardware. This provides an intuitive overview for straightforward control of all the grassland harvesting machines, says Pöttinger.

The app also enables users to add fields and assign them to each of the machines, with a visual overview of the fields to be harvested and also their status, for example, whether they have already been raked and the crop collected.

Optimum harvest sequence

A neat feature is the algorithm that calculates the optimum harvest sequence. The harvest volumes, the distance between each field and the clamp, and the compaction performance in the clamp are superimposed on the display.

This provides the tractor drivers with information on the optimal harvesting sequence so that they deliver crop to the clamp at regular intervals and avoid delivery peaks, says Pöttinger.

The display has been designed to be intuitive so that it’s also easy for drivers who are not familiar with the farm to find each field and drive back to the clamp quickly using the integrated navigation system.

How to download

The app is available in English, German, French, Polish and Czech and is free to download now on both iOS and Android.