Farmers, advisors, researchers and wider industry professionals can now submit nominations for the 2024 Royal Agricultural Society of England (RASE) Awards.

There are six awards in total which include the National Agricultural Award, the Excellence in Practical Farming Award and the prestigious Bledisloe Gold Medal for Landowners, which was first presented in 1958. All the awards welcome both self-nominations and recommendations.

Pushing boundaries

David Grint, CEO at RASE, explains that the RASE Awards celebrate the people and organisations who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible while responding to the challenges faced by all in the farming industry.

“The agricultural industry is grappling with the challenge of producing sufficient quantities of nutritious food using practices that are sustainable, viable and profitable,” he says.

“Shining a light on those who are finding and implementing approaches that enable farming businesses to thrive enables others to hear about and consider options that could work for their farming businesses.”

Diversity of expertise

In recent years, the suite of RASE Awards has expanded to reflect the diversity of skills, knowledge and expertise which are required to tackle complex challenges within the industry.

“RASE was founded by a group of people who recognised that science supports the development of agriculture,” says David. “Today, it’s fair to say the agricultural industry has never required science and innovation more, as farming practices and land management shift to deliver food production, climate change mitigation and ecological benefits simultaneously.”

The Science and Technology Award, which was introduced in 2022, recognises a researcher whose work has contributed to the advancement of science underpinning agriculture or the development of an innovative technology that’s changing agricultural practice.

Similarly, the Farm of the Future Award was established in 2023 to celebrate those taking a pioneering approach to maintaining food production while responding to environmental challenges and ensuring business sustainability.

Natural Capital Award

New for 2024, the RASE Natural Capital Award will be introduced, to recognise the farmers striking the balance between sustainable agricultural practices, ecological enhancements and financial resilience.

The award is being sponsored by Trinity Natural Capital Pro Council. Representing the council, Dr. Hosein Khajeh-Hosseiny from Trinity AgTech says: “Natural capital has been the least rewarded of all assets relative to its economic and social contributions.

“The new era of the Natural Capital Century will see a shift where farmers who embrace natural capital and food production are rewarded for their contribution to our sector and society.

“The new Natural Capital Award celebrates those who have broken through the paralysis and are exemplifying excellence in farming and sustainability,” he explains.

The applications for the RASE Awards will be open until Wednesday 17 April, 2024. Full entry criteria and nomination forms are available on the RASE website.