BKT takes part in the launch event for the new DEUTZ-FAHR tractors as both a sponsor and Original Equipment supplier for all exhibited tractors.

Seregno (Italy), July 7, 2016 – BKT will definitely not go unnoticed at the important three-day event promoted by SDF on July 5, 6 and 7 for the launch of the new 6 and 7 tractor series by DEUTZ-FAHR. In fact, apart from being a sponsor of the event, BKT plays another key role: all new tractors on display are equipped with the best BKT tires of the Agrimax range, specifically designed for tractors and their most diverse applications. “On stage” during the event is Agrimax Force for the 9 Series, Agrimax RT 657 for the 6 and 7 Series, and finally Agrimax RT 765 for the 7 Series.

Agrimax Force is probably the most famous BKT product and undoubtedly the top of the range. Agrimax Force is the perfect combination of efficiency, productivity, flexibility and resistance. It has all qualities to equip high-power tractors like the 9 Series by DEUTZ-FAHR, guaranteeing top performance both on field and on the road. As BKT has further developed the IF technology, Agrimax Force operates at low pressure. This ensures reduced soil compaction and makes it possible to pass from the field to the road without the need of changing the tire inflation pressure. At the DEUTZ-FAHR event, the sizes IF 650/65 R 34, IF 710/75 R 42 and IF 900/60 R 42 are displayed.


Agrimax Force


Agrimax RT 765

Agrimax RT 657

Agrimax RT 657

The versatile and reliable Agrimax RT 657 will also be on stage. Resistance, comfort, and extraordinary grip are the best qualities of this versatile tire, suitable for both soil tillage and road travel. Its high level of performance is not least the result of the special compound. It has been specifically conceived to enable longer distance coverage at significantly reduced operating costs. It is the best choice in terms of performance, versatility, and reliability. The 6 Series by DEUTZ-FAHR is equipped with the four sizes 540/65 R 30, 540/65 R 28, 650/65 R 38 and 650/65 R 42, whereas the 7 Series is on display with the two sizes, 540/65 R 34 and 650/65 R 42.

The third in the trio is Agrimax RT 765, an agricultural radial tire of the 70’ Series featuring a new-generation compound suitable for operations under the harshest conditions. This line, in fact, has been specially designed for being used in the heaviest tractor applications providing extraordinary cut and wear resistance. High efficiency, here, comes along with excellent traction and minimal soil compaction, which preserves the crops’ fertility and yield. Agrimax RT 765 equips the DEUTZ-FAHR 7 Series with its two sizes 710/70 R 38 and 600/70 R 30.

“BKT’s presence at this high-profile event does not only fill us with pride, but also confirms the brilliant work carried out by our R&D team at a project level,” Ms Lucia Salmaso, BKT Europe’s Managing Director, states. “Moreover, this is the confirmation of BKT’s capacity to respond with premium products to modern farming needs. This event means a lot to us, especially now that we are expanding our presence more and more in the OEM segment. We are honored to have such an important partner as SDF.”