The UK Soil Health Initiative (UKSHi) has produced a series of guides for farmers and growers seeking advice on soil health and husbandry.

Launched last week on a World Earthworm Day, the guides focus on the key practical points farmers can do to improve soil health on-farm and have been developed by bringing together the UK’s top academics and practitioners.

There are six guides available, covering different farming systems:

The broad, cross-industry collaboration that developed the key messages and advice contained within these new guides creates a foundation for action by farmers and the wider agricultural sector. This wide-ranging partnership was brought together by the UK Soil Health Initiative, the WWF-Tesco Partnership and Championing the Farmed Environment (CFE) to help identify the actions that can be taken on-farm to better manage soils for a sustainable future.

“These simple, practical guides mark a real step-forward in helping farmers manage their soil, for the benefit of all,” says Elizabeth Stockdale, head of farming systems research at NIAB.

“Each guide contains a simple starting place of three things to consider, and three things to avoid. We’d love all farmers to start with that, and this would make a real difference to our soils – potentially improving crop yields, alleviating flooding and improving biodiversity. For any farmers that want to do more, the ‘Going beyond the norm’ section of the guides gives advice on more advanced soil management options.”

The guides can be downloaded at UK Soil Health Initiative guides – CFE Online