Farmers are being urged to consider purchasing chlorothalonil supplies in the limited time it remains available, according to the latest advice from Cropco. Charlotte Cunningham reports. 

Used widely at early growth stages including T0, T1 and T2, chlorothalonil has long been a mainstay of UK cereal fungicide programmes.

Optimise product

However, despite its important role, the decisions was made earlier this year — by the European Union — to ban it. Thanks to the UK opting to apply maximum dates in terms of revocation, the final EU banning regulation gives a maximum date of until 20 November 2019 to sell or distribute existing stocks of product and a maximum use-up date for products of 20 May 2020 ⁠— presenting a short, unique time frame for growers to optimise the product. 

“Our experience is that few farmers seem to be fully aware of the final sale date or the restriction on use next year,” says John Poulton, managing director of Suffolk-based agricultural merchant Cropco. “So far there is nothing on offer to fill the gap in their disease prevention and control programme that offers the same excellent value for money. If they don’t have any in store they will need to act very quickly.

“I strongly suggest they speak to their agronomist, identify what they will need and place their order to ensure they don’t lose out in the spring.”