Recognising that no one tillage system fits all, farmers can achieve greater flexibility with one machine, following the launch of a new combination drill.

The Solitair DT seed drill can work across conventional ploughing approaches, min-till and direct drilling, making it a solution based on both efficiency and profitability.

This is something that manufacturer Lemken has made its focus, as farmers expand their horizons beyond standard cereal cropping rotations.

Step-by-step optimisation

The drill promises minimal draught resistance, an integrated compact disc harrow, comfortable operation and a large, divided seed hopper.

Starting at step one, for optimum reconsolidation, the Solitair DT features a leading tyre packer followed by a compact disc harrow with 465mm diameter concave discs. For those working at a reduced tillage intensity, vertical ‘wavy’ discs can be used instead, which penetrate the soil in line of the seeding coulter. This reduces moisture loss and minimises grass weed emergence.

According to UK general manager Paul Creasy, this has already been well received. “Late autumn drilling conditions proved no issue for the Solitair DT with the wavy disc set up – running through green catch crops, drilling wheat seed to depth and covering it.”

Seed metering technology

A key feature of the Solitair DT is individual electronically driven, fertiliser-proof metering units, which each supply one distributor with seed. The seed metering wheels are combined into seed wheel sets, improving efficiency. An added bonus is that the seed wheel sets can be changed without tools.

Drill options

Commenting on the 5,100 litre seed hopper, Paul says that it’s also available in a dual version for further flexibility. “The dual hopper allows the Solitair DT to be used for combined seeding with fertiliser, or for sowing different seed types or companion cropping for example.

“Two variants are available – with the single-shot version, fertiliser and seeds are placed in a shared seed furrow. For the double-shot version, fertiliser or seed is placed in a line below the seed level via separate fertiliser double disc coulters. This is well suited to larger seed that requires deeper placement, whilst delivering the smaller seed through the normal disc coulter at the rear of the machine.”

The drill is available in four and six metre widths. To find out more, click here.