Growers have begun to register their interest in the competition to find the best linseed crops in the country. Launched at Cereals 2017, Premium Crops and CPM have teamed up in a quest to find the UK’s best growers of this highly under-rated crop.

“We had a steady stream of interest throughout the two days of the Cereals event,” reports Nigel Padbury of Premium Crops. “A number of growers have already signed up to the challenge, so I’m looking forward to seeing how they push the boundaries to get this crop to perform – we could actually set a world record.”

There are three awards up for grabs in the Great Linseed Challenge:

  • Best net margin achieved per ha
  • Best overall yield
  • Best innovation in linseed agronomy.

Growers of both winter and spring linseed are eligible to enter. You can be a long-time grower of the crop or a complete novice. To qualify, you have to grow a minimum of 8ha for harvest 2018. Any variety under any agronomic regime can be grown, as long as it’s legal.

“What we’re really looking to do here is enhance our understanding of the agronomy of the crop, to share best practice and improve overall returns for UK growers,” continues Nigel Padbury.

“With over 25 years’ experience in the crop, we know linseed has the capability to perform extremely well under the right management. So we’re looking for growers prepared to push the boundaries, search out the subtle tactics and apply the attention to detail that will get an award-winning result.”

The best overall yield and net margin will be assessed either through final tonnage sold off farm, or harvest will be independently verified and yield measured over a third-party weighbridge.

“The third award is really there to identify novel activities that demonstrably improve the yield or net margin of the crop,” continues Nigel Padbury. “For example, a grower may manage nitrogen applications in a different way that allows for less growth regulators on winter linseed. This category would also be open to agronomists.”

A panel of judges will make final assessments, which may involve an on-farm visit. Growers wishing to apply can do so by registering their interest the Premium Crops website before May 2018.

There’ll be articles in CPM with timely agronomic advice and highlighting the practice of top linseed growers. Winners will be announced at Cereals 2019. For more information and full terms and conditions, go to