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Innovation Insight – All is revealed

Making use of data available to farm businesses is not just down to bringing it into a platform, but providing an interface that allows profitability pointers to stand out. In the second of our series on data management pioneers, CPM explores Hutchinsons’ Omnia. We realised we needed to create a system to provide clients with […]

Innovation Insight – Liquid logic has a way with weeds

When Dupont scientists finally created a formulation to partner fluroxypyr with sulfonylurea herbicides, it wasn’t just the spectrum of the one-can solution that was improved. CPM tells the story. The improved adjuvant properties of the oil dispersion formulation resulted in better weed control. By Tom Allen-Stevens Sulfonylurea herbicides have long been the mainstay of broadleaf […]

Innovation Insight – The remarkable power of the ‘wow’ effect

Atlantis is the UK’s most widely used in-crop herbicide of recent years, but good stewardship has always determined its performance. CPM tells the story of one of weed science’s most significant discoveries. Right from the word ‘go’, we knew we had a winner – this was the rat’s pyjamas. By Tom Allen-Stevens Can you remember […]

Innovation Insight – Clever thinking drives harvesting evolution

  Grimme has earned a number of industry awards for developments to its potato-harvesting technology. CPM peers inside the machines for an insight into what they do. I don’t think there’s anything we can’t achieve, once we set our mind to it. By Tom Allen-Stevens Among the brand new and older Varitron self-propelled potato harvesters […]

Innovation Insight – New chemistry follows farm favourite

Over 30 years after Dow AgroSciences launched Starane, a brand new active from the same chemical group promises to broaden the window and spectrum of reliable broadleaf weed control. CPM follows the story. From the moment the greenhouse test results started coming in, we knew we had something that was of great interest. By Tom […]