CPM readers got the chance to win a 12-year-old Dalmore Malt Whiskey in last month’s CPM Crops Cover by answering six short multiple-choice questions based on one of the articles from the April issue.

We had some fantastic responses and the 12 lucky winners were;

Marshall Wilson – Duns, Berwickshire
Innes Jessiman – Bucksburn, Aberdeen
Craig Peddie – Anstruther, Fife
John Threlfell – Plumpton, Penrith
Jim Carswell – Hutton, Near Driffield, East Yorkshire
John Bennett – Prescot, Merseyside
Phil Burrell – Louth, Lincolnshire
Harvey Smith – Langtoft, Peterborough
Donald Macaulay – Birch, Colchester, Essex
David Lowe – Burscough, Lancs

The correct answers from the competition are seen below;

1. Carfentrazon the active ingredient in Shark, is what type of herbicide?
Answer B – PPO inhibitor
2. How quickly is Shark “rainfast” after application?
Answer A – 1 hour
3. When mixed with glyphosate which key board leaved weed does Shark improve the activity on?
Answer D – Annual Nettle
4. What is the maximum rate Shark can be used at?
Answer C – 0.33 l/ha
5. When Shark is mixed with Glyphosate what ratio should be used to avoid any antagonism?
Answer A – 1:50
6. When used alone what other key broadleaf weeds does Shark control effectively?
Answer A – Volunteer Oil Seed Rape, Willowherb speices, Fat-hen

CPM would like to thank all the readers that participated  in the competition and hope the 12 lucky winners enjoy their prizes.