As concerns over the new COVID variant rise, New Holland says it’s made the difficult decision to withdraw from next month’s LAMMA event.

“This has not been an easy step to take, but the safety both of show visitors and of our staff has to be foremost in our minds,” says Pat Smith, business director for New Holland UK and ROI.
“LAMMA is an excellent event, and its organisers have done a very good job in difficult circumstances to plan a show for 2022. Given the way things continue to rapidly evolve, though,
we owe it to our employees, those planning to attend the show, and others involved in the event, to make this decision now. We are very grateful to the organisers and our suppliers for their efforts, and we look forward to returning to LAMMA in the future.

“For now, we hope that the situation calms during 2022 and we can meet customers and suppliers at our proposed schedule of spring and summer events and shows.”