The new fungicide Inatreq Active (fenpicoxamid) will not be available in the UK for commercial use in time for disease control programmes this spring. Charlotte Cunningham reports.

A brand new molecule from Corteva, it belongs to the picolinamide group of chemistry and this will be the first one registered for use in cereal crops.

But the manufacturer confirmed that data submitted to the Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD) “require further discussion”.

“Due to the time required for this discussion, the evaluation will not be concluded in time to allow sales of Inatreq Active products in 2020,” said a statement released to the press on Tuesday (28 Jan).

The news is set to come as a blow to growers and agronomists who have reported a noticeable slip in SDHI fungicide field performance. As a quinone inside inhibitor (QiI), Inatreq offers a different target site to other active ingredients.

“While this development is disappointing for Corteva and for farmers, Corteva remains entirely confident the outcome of this dialogue will be positive and that Inatreq Active will be in the market in 2021,” said the company.