The Trelleborg Load Calculator (TLC) app will be put to practical use at this years Tillage-Live which returns to Scotland this autumn. Organised by the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) on behalf of the industry, the event takes place on Wednesday 26th September 2018 at Dunbar, East Lothian.

Working demonstrations of cultivation equipment from leading manufacturers, including ploughs, cultivators, conventional, strip tillage and direct drills, will be joined by sprayers in their own dedicated area. The technical-trade static exhibition area also offers an opportunity to discuss the latest agricultural developments with industry-leading experts.

Along with the working and static displays, this years ‘Knowledge Trails’ will provide practical insight into areas such as soils and cover crops as well as tyres and soil protection with NRoSO and BASIS points being available.

On one of the knowledge trails Trelleborg will be visually demonstrating the importance of correct tyre selection, set-up and use. Their practical demonstrations will show how to improve farming efficiency through protecting soils, improving work rates and minimising fuel use.

This year, Trelleborg will be using two identical Valtra T174 tractors joined on a pulley to a Valtra S394, which will act as a break tractor to ensure a constant load goes through the tyres.

Both tractors will be identically set-up in terms of speed and revs with the only difference being one tractor’s tyres are set at a generic pressure, whilst the other has been set up correctly using the Trelleborg Load Calculator (TLC) app.

The demo will show the tractor with the correct tyre pressures and therefore larger footprint and greater traction will arrive before the other.

Guests will be able to visually see the potential time and fuel saving from correct tyre set up as well as the increased damage to soil that incorrect set-up can cause.

Bruce Lauder Senior Sales and Marketing Manager at Trelleborg said “Tillage Live has always been an important show for Trelleborg as we are able to assist a key audience in helping them to produce more, with less, on their farms and in their business.”

This year’s Tillage-Live takes place on Wednesday 26th September 2018 at Dunbar, East Lothian. The site is directly off the A1 at Spott Roundabout; please follow the road signs to the visitor’s entrance to the event.  More information can be found at