Sencrop, pioneer of ultra-local, on-farm weather data, has announced the acquisition of sensor specialist Visio-Green, creating what’s claimed to be Europe’s largest real-time farm weather network. Charlotte Cunningham reports. 

The recently announced acquisition allows more than 10,000 farmers to connect to Sencrop’s data-driven platform, consolidating its position as the European leader in connected agricultural weather data, according to the firm.

Visio-Green’s sensor expertise and solid partnerships with European co-operatives, unions and associations will allow Sencrop to fast-track its development of robust, community-based solutions focusing on collaborative and co-operative work practices, it adds.

Sencrop hopes its platform will see agro- distribution players and other service providers offering more personalised advice to their customers, as well as tools promoting high-precision farming. Visio-Green’s 1,800 stations will be assimilated into the Sencrop network, supported by Sencrop’s 50-strong team at its headquarters in Lille, France. 

Sencrop’s co-founders Michael Bruniaux and Martin Ducroquet said: “We are pleased to be merging with Visio-Green, which operates in areas that complement those of Sencrop perfectly. This partnership will enable us to help Visio-Green customers to adopt a more collaborative and universally accessible tool. They’ll have access to the Sencrop app, which is specially designed for use by communities and to promote agronomic services to farmers. Sencrop will be rolling out its Visio-Green station migration process over the coming months.”