CPM readers are invited to join a unique meeting of Climate Change Champions as they outline how the innovative practices they apply to their soils could get UK Farming more than halfway to its net zero goal.

Crop production’s environmental champions and leading agricultural companies are coming together with NFU office holders on Wednesday 3 November at the Faccombe Estate in Hants to discuss the way forward on climate change.

Broadcast live on the CPM website, Defra minister Victoria Prentis is expected to join the Climate Change Champions round table event to hear how nine progressive arable farmers are capturing carbon into their soils.

Timed to coincide with the start of COP26, the event will explore the practices of some of the most innovative UK farmers. If rolled out across the nation’s cropped area, these alone would get UK agriculture more than halfway towards its target of net zero by 2040.

Attending the event is easy – go to www.cpm-magazine.co.uk/climatechangechampions at 11:00am on Wednesday 3 November where the live feed will be broadcast. No login or registration is required, making it possibly the simplest way for farmers to get an insight on how to save the planet.

During the two-hour event, CPM Climate Change Champion 2021 will be announced. There’s still time for CPM readers and NFU members to select their choice before voting ends at midnight on 1 November.

Along with the Defra minister, NFU deputy president Stuart Roberts and combinable crops chairman Matt Culley will be attending the event in person and will join the discussion with the farmers, who include last year’s CPM Climate Change Champions.

Also present will be representatives from eight leading farming suppliers and manufacturers, shaping the discussion on how the industry can help farming meet its ambitious net zero plan.

Now in its second year, CPM Climate Change Champions profiles the achievements of nine progressive arable farmers who have implemented innovative ideas aimed at reducing emissions and drawing carbon into their soils.

During 2021, the nine featured farmers submitted results from carbon calculators showing they sequester an average of 5.97t CO₂e/yr per ha. All the farmers have a net carbon balance the right side of net zero.

CPM readers interested in putting themselves forward for Climate Change Champions 2022 can apply here.