Following on from its official launch in November, the Processors and Grower Research Organisation (PGRO) has added a further three new varieties to its 2023 Descriptive List.

The varieties were absent from the list at its official launch while the breeding companies waited for UK National List status to be granted. This has now happened, meaning growers have even more information on beans to sow this spring.

These three new varieties of spring bean – Genius, LG Stego, and Futura – went through the same PGRO trials at the same time as the other varieties on the Descriptive List.

High-yielding additions

Genius, from LS Plant Breeding, is now the top yielding variety on the Descriptive List with a yield of 110%. It has the same maturity as Lynx (6) and a good standing ability (8).

LG Stego, from Limagrain, has a yield of 106%, which is the third highest yield on the Descriptive List. It has an earlier maturity (7) than Genius and Lynx (both 6), and has a good standing ability, similarly to Genius (8).

Futura, from LS Plant Breeding, has a good yield of 106% and is a new low vicine and low convicine variety (LVC) adding an extra LVC option to the list alongside Victus. It has the same maturity as LG Stego (7) and is a tall variety at 111cm with a good standing ability (8).

‘Reassuringly consistent’

“The Descriptive List a fantastic tool, giving growers the opportunity to compare different varieties and evaluate which will suit their situation,” says Dr Christopher Judge, PGRO senior technical officer. “We’re really pleased with the successes of the 2022 trials, and the data produced by this years’ Descriptive List is reassuringly consistent.”

The 2023 Descriptive List can be found at, and a video presentation the varieites that were added at the list’s launch in 2022 is available on YouTube.