Corteva Agriscience’s biostimulant Utrisha N has been granted organic certification following its launch in the UK and Ireland this year.

Certification from Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G) means Utrisha N is now approved for use on organic farms and can be used on cereals, OSR, peas and beans and grain maize.

Utrisha N is an alternative nitrogen source that can supply actively growing plants with additional nitrogen to facilitate plant growth. According to Corteva, this “breakthrough” technology adapts to plants’ growth needs, helping to sustainably maximise crop yield potential. 

Novel nutrient efficiency

“We are very excited to have been granted organic certification for Utrisha N with Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G) and to be able to offer organic farmers a product that can deliver a supplemental source of nitrogen,” said Clare Stapley, biostimulants product manager for Corteva UK & Ireland. “Utrisha N is a novel nutrient efficiency biostimulant that enables plants to fix nitrogen from the air and make it available to the plant.

“With the cost of nitrogen soaring, an alternative source is vital and it’s great that we can now offer organic farmers the option to incorporate Utrisha N into their fertiliser plans for next year and produce food using a sustainable product.”

Application advice

Utrisha N is foliar applied with a wide window of application and should be applied at a rate of 333g/ha and when the crop is actively growing, at a temperature between 10-30°C. Applying early in the morning when the stomata are open and there is good soil coverage will ensure its effectiveness. Utrisha N is available to order through crop production specialists Hutchinsons.