Building on its legacy of high-capacity, high-efficiency combines, Case IH recently expanded its line-up with the new Axial-Flow 250 series

Designed to optimise grain quality and grain savings, the 250 series combines feature two-speed electric shift ground drive and adjustable rotor cage vanes.

As well as this, the 250 series combines have a redesigned feeder house for improved durability and reliability in demanding crop conditions, explains Charles Blessley marketing manager at Case IH UK and ROI. “An optional feeder fore/aft face plate control enables adjustments to be made from the cab, and a redesigned feeder top shaft drive coupler features a crown spline design for greatly improved durability. A simple, two-piece feeder-floor design increases durability and improves crop feeding.”

In terms of on-board gadgets and gizmos, standard on every combine is the Automatic Crop Settings, which allows growers to customise and save preferred combine settings by crop on the Advanced Farming Systems Pro 700 display, he adds. “There’s also the optional Feedrate Control tool to more accurately control ground speed based on crop load, engine power and ground speed limits set by the operator.”

But what sets this new series apart from its predecessors is the optional AFS Harvest Command combine automation system, which proactively senses and optimises machine performance for the operator. “Our AFS Harvest Command technology provides automation that reduces operator fatigue while continually adjusting the machine to minimise losses and maximise grain quality.”

The technology comprises three modes – performance, grain quality and max throughput. Operators simply choose the mode of automation to match harvesting goals, set the crop type, maximum operating speed and power limits, and the AFS Harvest Command takes over from there, says Charles.

This autumn, growers who order an Axial-Flow 250 before 15 Dec 2020 can take advantage of a limited-time deal and get AFS Harvest Command for free, he adds. “What’s more, we’ll also give you six week’s free hire of a Puma tractor during harvest 2021.”

“Everything about the Axial-Flow is designed to help your farming business. From our wide range of headers suitable for Controlled Traffic Farming to our extra-long, foldable augers and hassle-free maintenance, everything is designed to keep your harvest right on track.”