Following the success of its award-winning T6 range, New Holland Agriculture have added to the fleet with the introduction of The T6 Dynamic Command. But how does it stack up in comparison to the options already available? CPM takes a look at the firm’s latest offering.

By Charlotte Cunningham

Until now, the T6 range has been limited in terms of its powershift choice – with only the much-loved 16 by 16 semi-powershift transmission available.

However, following the introduction of the T6 Dynamic Command, users now have access to a completely new 8-step semi powershift transmission which is said to increase functionality and efficiency.

Multiple options

The variation in models within the range mean there is an option for a wide range of users, explains Sean Lennon, head of the tractors product line. “Customers looking for a yard tractor and for light field applications close to the farm can opt for the T6 16×16 Electro Command with 4-step semi powershift,” he says. “Those requiring a multipurpose tractor for cultivations and haulage can choose the new T6 24×24 Dynamic Command; and customers who want all-round performance where exact speeds are critical can find the perfect solution in the T6 Auto Command with continuously variable transmission.”


The 24×24 Dynamic Command transmission grants higher efficiency as it takes less power to operate the transmission, resulting in the customer seeing higher work-rates with lower fuel usage. At the heart of the range, 8-step semi-powershift transmission is a Dual Clutch concept, similar to that which operates the seamless range shifting within the Auto Command transmission, he adds.


The four odd numbered gears and one clutch are located on one shaft and the four even gears and one clutch on a second shaft. “Power is then simply modulated between the two clutches, as an odd gear is disengaged with one clutch the second clutch is engaging the even gear ratio – making for silky smooth, simple usability and ultra-efficiency.”


Dedicated clutches for forward and reverse ensures a controlled power shuttle, even on steep gradients, while the range shifting is all robotised.


Proven efficiency


The combination of this efficient double clutch transmission together with the NEF 4.5 litre engine with ECOBlueTM Hi-eSCR (High Efficiency Selective Catalytic Reduction) achieved a fuel consumption of just 258 g/kWh and 23 g/kWh AdBlue in the DLG PowerMix 1.0 Test – the lowest ever measured by the test on a 4-cylinder agricultural tractor, -9% fuel consumption.


The test also revealed the T6 Dynamic Command’s driveline efficiency with 93% of engine power available at the PTO shaft.


Despite the high-tech additions to the latest offering from New Holland, ease of use is still as its core. A number of features – such as a new armrest design and CustomSteer to improve comfort for repetitive manoeuvring- are aimed at providing reduced driver input and higher output, adds Sean. “New Holland’s philosophy is that advanced features should deliver benefits and not bring complication for the operator. Ease of use is a fundamental design criteria and the T6 Dynamic Command is no exception to this rule.”