It feels like a lifetime since the last ‘real-life’ ag-show, but if you cast your mind back to LAMMA 2020, there were a number of interesting launches that are now showing their full capabilities in the field.

Among them, was a new tyre from Alliance, which was treated to a ‘soft-launch’ at the show by UK distributors Kirkby Tyres, ahead of its official release.

If you missed it at the show, the new radial tractor tyre has been designed with modern agriculture in mind, explains Michael Rosenthal, Kirkby Tyres. “One of the most unique features is the Stratified Layer Technology (SLT) which has been developed by Alliance’s engineers. This technology comprises multi-angle lugs for optimum traction and improved overall performance.”

One of best things about this technology is its ability to give a tyre a ‘second life’ – adding to its longevity, he adds. “Every tyre lug consists of two layers. The top layer has a single angle profile and the bottom layer – a multi-angle profile.

Agri Star in very wet conditions

“When the tyre is new, the high non-skid depth of the lugs delivers the traction. When the top layer is worn out – after 40% of general wear – the bottom layer comes into the action. At this point, the lug changes its geometry and due to the multi-angle profile of the bottom layer, lugs become broader and more curved.

“The now reduced non-skid depth is fully compensated by a larger tyre-to-ground contact area, ensuring optimum traction again – as if it was a completely new tyre.”

As well as this, the SLT lug combination provides a much better on-road performance and higher resistance to the on-road wear, improved anti-skidding and breaking capabilities, as well as excellent self-cleaning properties throughout the entire tyre life, adds Michael. “As well as this, dual step tie bars prevent lug shuffling and act as mud-breakers, further adding to the excellent self-cleaning characteristics.”

In terms of the actual makeup of the tyre, the Agri Star II has an advantage over standard radial tyres, he says. “It’s characterised by a higher rubber volume, enhanced stiffness, larger ground contact area and increased front wall surface area. Internal comparative tests show that due to the premium tread compound, this tyre has a more efficient stubble damage resistance and is superb at cut and chip resistance. The speed rating is increased to level D (65 km/h) – which is higher than standard 70-series tyres.

“Polyethylene terephthalate acts as the reinforcing backbone of the tyres, instead of the frequently used nylon. Polyester was selected as very durable material for carcass and belt fabrics. It ensures that the tyres are still round and keep their shape even after years of use.”

Agri Star in the field

With over 348k subscribers on YouTube, UK agricultural influencer Tom Pemberton has been vocal about the benefits he has seen since giving his 14-year-old Huerlimann tractor a new set of shoes. “It’s an old tractor and the original tyres were well used, so we thought it was time to give it a bit of a facelift,” explains Tom. “We decided to go with a full set of the Agri Star II tyres and it has literally revolutionised the performance of the tractor.

“The Agri Star tyres were recommended to us, so we spoke to our local dealer and our main specification was that we wanted something wider because it gets quite wet where we are. We got a lot of use out of the old tyres, but the new ones have made a huge difference. We reckon we can push the tractor that extra 10-20% more with them, and as yet haven’t found anything it can’t pull or get out of with the Agri Star II’s fitted.”

Above all else, it helps the farm have more confidence in the kit, even in tricky situations, explains Tom. “We’ve also found that the tyres keep clean and clean off quite quickly as the lugs aren’t full of mud in the same way they do with other brands.

“In my view, it’s a hell of a tyre and has given a new lease of life to an old tractor.”

Watch Tom’s video review video here

Welsh farmer, Geraint Jones, has also been left impressed by the Agri Star II tyres. “As well as the farm, I have a tyre business and have been fitting tyres for 35 years.

“Out of the thousands I’ve fitted, I don’t think I’ve ever been as impressed as I am with these tyres.”

Geraint trialled the tyres on his own machinery, fitting it to the ‘run-around’ low horse-power tractor and says it has made a huge difference on farm. “We are hill farmers, and this winter has been really wet and muddy, but having these tyres on the tractor has meant we haven’t needed to use 4WD half as much, simply because the traction is just so good.

“They’re also really good at cleaning themselves, which again is helpful in muddy or wet conditions.”

Geraint says he has also noticed a difference in the feel of the tyres. “Other brands I’ve used have softer walls, which can make things a little wobbly. The Agri Star II tyres are much more robust, which helps you to feel safer in the cab – particularly on challenging ground.

“They’re great on the road too – I can’t praise them enough.”

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